Busy Busy Busy


As always at GPV we have been super busy. We’ve had some great boxes received from India, the kids were super excited to see the effort put in, so thank you very much!

We had a great super-hero themed Winter Camp where we learnt about heroes both fictional and real, from the Green Lantern to Ghandi. 

We also say a sad goodbye to Michelle who has been running the box for 18 months,so thanks for all your hard work Michelle, you’re a star!

My name’s Sam and I will be trying to carry on where she left off with the same success! You can contact me at skammerling@gpv.unesco.or.kr. As always, we’re still on the look out for schools to share our boxes with, so please get in touch. 

Keep sharing!

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More success!

We have had a busy Culture Box time lately!  Some great feedback from exchanges with India and Australia along with a trip to two schools this week!

When I get all the photos together I will put together a proper update.  Just wanted to say thanks to all involved and that I really love the days when we take the boxes back to schools and the project gets to go full circle!

Will update soon, Michelle.

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Summer Camp


Firstly I just wanted to say sorry to anyone that has been trying to get in touch over the last few weeks!!  We have had summer camps here and it has been hectic!

We are all back to normal from the start of September so please get in touch if you are interested.  September dates are filling up fast!
Thank you!!


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Worldwide Friendships

Received a lovely letter from Russia today!  They got our box and the students all had a great time opening it and learning about Korea together.  One student said ” Great! Children reached out the hand of friendship through the long distance!”

So nice to hear the idea is working out well!!


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Trips to Schools and Recent News

We took four culture boxes out to schools recently.  It was a great experience for all of us- kids, teachers, and the GPV staff.  It was great to see the kids again and to see them really enjoying opening up their parcels.  We opened them together, talked about what they had received, and then helped them create boards to display the project in their schools.  It was great to see some of the projects I started come to this conclusion!  A very satisfying work day for me!


Lately we have been involved with a long running exchange with a local school (Shinha) and Uplands Elementary School in Pentiction, Canada.  Sadly, we were unable to get our box to them before the end of the school year but it will be there when the kids start their next year.  We received a great box in return and are looking forward to sharing it with the students of Shinha Elementary after their summer break.

I have recently made contact with two new schools and am excited for these exchanges!

As always, please contact me if you are interested in the project or want more information on anything I have talked about.

I look forward to more exciting exchanges to come!!


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Taking Boxes to Schools!

Tomorrow we are heading out to three local schools with four culture boxes!

I will be going over the project with the students and then we will all ‘open’ the boxes together and talk about all the great things we have been sent!

I am really looking forward to sharing all the fantastic things we have been sent, thank you to all the schools involved!

Photos to follow.


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Friday Update!


Right now the kids are making boxes to both Lithuania and Lebanon!  It was a great chance to talk to them about two countries they generally know very little about.

Next week the box will go to Chetna Bhola in Delhi, India.

We are working on adding more new things each time!  If you are interested please email me at michelledons@gpv.unesco.or.kr.

I look forward to all these exchanges!

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Paper Dolls in Hanbok

This week my coworker Heeju and I are working on lots of new ideas and resources for the Culture Box!  Today I made these dolls.  I made basic outlines for the students to decorate and colour, I will then laminate them to send!

We are also working on ideas around recipes and games.

Thanks to E-Pals the project is becoming more popular by the day!




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The e-Pals feature is now me!


I am already getting lots of emails in response to this article so spaces are filling up fast.  If you are interested please email me your school details and I will get back to you as soon as I can with a date for our exchange.


I look forward to hearing from you and sharing the Korean culture with the world!


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Hi,  today we created a box to go to Mrs Fairburn, in the USA.   Last week we made one for Cyprus for the Pancyprian Gymnasium.  Both boxes will be posted as soon as possible.  We look forward to the exchanges!!!!

Also check out ePals.com this month for more information on our project!

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